Why Recent History Favors Chet

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Jul 16, 20234 min read

Much has been made about Chet Holmgren missing his rookie season due to a broken foot suffered in a summer pro-am run. People pro-claiming his career was over due to the injury and height, which they could be right still. However recent history shows us that Chet is in good company and it might not be all doom n gloom.

Blake Griffin: During a summer league exhibition Griffin landed on his knee and fractured his knee cap. He ultimately missed the entire 2009-10 season. Griffin went onto win rookie of the year averaging an absurd 22.5 points and 12 rebounds. Griffin had an unreal run from 2011 to 2019 making 6 all-star games and 5 all-nba teams.

2010–11L.A. Clippers8282*38.0.506.292.64212.
2011–12L.A. Clippers66*66*36.3.549.125.52110.
2012–13L.A. Clippers808032.5.538.179.6608.
2013–14L.A. Clippers808036.1.528.273.7159.
2014–15L.A. Clippers676735.2.502.400.7287.
2015–16L.A. Clippers353533.4.499.333.7278.
2016–17L.A. Clippers616134.0.493.336.7608.
2017–18L.A. Clippers333334.5.441.342.7857.

Joel Embiid: The third pick in the 2014 NBA draft missed his first two seasons after suffering from foot injuries dating back to college. Embiid did not win rookie of the year due to missing games with load management. He still averaged 20 points and 8 rebounds per game. Embiid is coming off an MVP season with 6 all-stars and 5 all-nba appearances.


Julius Randle: The first lottery pick in the Lakers rebuild for the post Gasol era, he had big expectations and shoes to fill. Unfortunately 14 minutes into opening night, Randle broke his tibia. While Randle might not have panned out for the Lakers, he has had a hell of a career in New York. Since joining the Knicks in 2019, he has made 2 all star teams and 2 all-nba teams. His numbers have been very impressive as well, 23/10/5 over the last 3 seasons.

2022–23New York777735.5.459.343.75710.
2021–22New York727235.3.411.308.7569.
2020–21New York717137.6*.456.411.81110.
2019–20New York646432.5.460.277.7339.

Ben Simmons: Ignore the last 2 1/2 years please...

Ben Simmons fractured his right foot in summer exhibition and missed the entire 2016-17 season. Bens rookie season showed the transcedent talent he could become, even without a shot. The 6'10" point gaurd turned the 76ers into a 50 win team as a rookie, improving from the 28 year prior. He would go onto win rookie of the year over Donovan Mitchell. Ben was a lockdown defender, extremely athletic, with elite playmaking. In his first four seasons, he made 3 all-star teams, all-nba, and 2 all defensive first teams.