Wait wait wait... The hype is raising prices, in season?!?!?!

Card Ladder
Nov 10, 20231 min read

It's the age old tale, even pre-dating the market boom. The young hyped up prospect with soaring prices in the off-season absolutely collapse in the regular season. Victor Wembanyama might deserved to be called the unicorn after-all because he is breaking the norm and going against what history tells us.

Victor over the last month has gone up consistently to the tune of 63%! What is so amazing about this, is the fact he has no Panini pack-pulled cards yet. His French league licensed cards are booming as people want any and all Wemby they can find.

Victor's numbers are extremely respectable and reflect those of a rising star, still a teenager Wemby aims to win rookie of the year. While the Spurs are still not great, they are highly competitive and will be featured in over 25 regular season games.