The Swifty Bump

Card Ladder
Sep 30, 20231 min read

Just as everyone expected the news that would be inescapable across the NFL landscape in week 3 is who Travis Kelce is dating... For better or for worse, it seems two fandoms have colided. While Chiefs fans are not exactly running out to get Taylor Swift merchandise, it seems Swift fans want to know all things Kelce.

According to Front Office Sports:

Since Taylor Swift showed up to Sunday's Chiefs-Bears game:
• 400% spike in Travis Kelce jersey sales
• Kelce's podcast ranks #1 overall on Apple
• Kelce adds 383K Instagram followers
• 24.3M viewers watch, #1 game this week
• 63% jump in female viewers age 18-49
• 3x increase in 'Chiefs' searches on web
• 3x increase in Chiefs sales on Stubhub
• Chiefs sold more tickets in a single day since start of season

While we have no definitive proof Swifties are now hoarding Kelce cards, Kelce's sports card market has seen a bump because of this. Possibly investors are hedging their bets on Swifties collecting cards and if they are right, it would elevate Kelce to the greatest selling football player of all time.

Since Sunday his market has gone up 11.80% and trust me, this is not because a 69 yard 1 touchdown perfomance against the Bears...

Kelce's key rookie cards have gone up much more than just 11%, with his most notable base and parallels borderline skyrocketing. Kelce was a late round pick in 2013 and did not play until 2014, so his rookie cards are few and far between.