The Crossover 9/17/2021: Aftermath of the Industry Summit

Riley Peronto
Sep 19, 20212 min read

On this week’s episode of the Crossover, Josh and Chris discussed the Industry Summit, Bill Mastro, the LeBron RPA PSA crossover, and more. You can watch or listen to the full episode here:


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  • Upload pictures of the backs of your cards in your Collection
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  • Track fractional ownership of cards in Collection
  • Keep tabs on your most recent searches in Card Ladder

You can read more about these features here and here.

This Week’s Questions

  • Do you have any plans to introduce a sports-specific index on Card Ladder? (7:01)
  • Does Card Ladder have any plans to add complete set tracking? (15:06)
  • Comments on Vegas Dave showing off his Derek Carr cards. (16:43)
  • Discussion on the PWCC Premier Auction. (17:37)
  • Thoughts on the LeBron RPA Crossover unveiling and the impact of it? (20:22)
  • Why are NFTs being pumped and marketed to card collectors? / Bill Mastro discussion. (29:41)
  • Can we get your thoughts on the current state of the market? (43:06)
  • I would love to hear more from Josh about how he keeps his PC so tight. (44:50)
  • Do you guys find yourselves having the issue of losing auctions? Do you have any tips on more accurately predicting the price of rare cards? (47:04)
  • Why are Penny Hardaway’s rare 90s cards so expensive compared to NBA Hall of Famers? (54:41)
  • Discussion on the Industry Summit. (1:11:59)
  • I would love to know the rhyme and reason as to why some late 90s basketball sets have identical football sets, and others do not. (1:29:39)
  • Thoughts on short print and super short print parallels outside of Prizm and Optic? (1:31:50)
  • Who are the top 5 most powerful people in the hobby? (1:35:44)
  • Do you have fears of those circling around the hobby with money? (1:45:20)
  • Should people base comps on the last sale, or the last three to five sales? (1:47:27)
  • Simulate a battle royale of hobby content creators. (1:57:15)
  • Do you prefer double-sided cards or cards with a dual image on the front? (2:02:49)