The Crossover (10/9/2021): Nat Turner Joins

Riley Peronto
Oct 12, 20212 min read

On this week's episode of the Crossover, Collectors Universe CEO, Nat Turner joined the stream to discuss his interests as a collector, PSA's role in the changing hobby landscape, and more. You can watch or listen to the full episode here:

This Week's Topics and Questions

  • Nat Turner joins the show. (3:06)
  • [To Nat] Why focus on collecting older, more established players over newer players? (6:21)
  • [To Nat] Are you still pursuing 90s Jordan grails? (10:42)
  • [To Nat] How is it different hunting for cards now vs. five or ten years ago? (13:22)
  • [To Nat] Do you prefer the manul parts of collecting cards, or do you see collecting becoming digital because people like it that way? (16:14)
  • [To Nat] As the CEO of Collectors Universe, how do you balance the needs of the traditional collector vs. growing the business? (18:33)
  • [To Nat] What role is PSA going to play in a world where Fanatics is trying to become a one-stop-shop? (20:41)
  • [To Nat] Do you follow modern baseball? (25:23)
  • [To Nat] Do you have any picks or favorite teams for the NBA title this year? (27:34)
  • [To Nat] Do you watch or collect soccer? (30:03)
  • [To Nat] What do you think about the future prospects of UFC? (33:02)
  • [To Nat] Thoughts on American football? (34:39)
  • [To Nat] How important are the card shop and card show experiences in the hobby today? (37:42)
  • [To Nat] Who is the GOAT of the GOATs -- Michael Jordan or Tom Brady? (39:20)
  • [To Nat] Luka or Mahomes? (41:00)
  • [To Nat] PMG or Exquisite? (45:38)
  • [To Nat] What do you think of cards from 2000-2002? (47:40)
  • [To Nat] Thoughts on 1990s baseball inserts? (51:34)
  • [To Nat] Will people ever start appreciating the cards of baseball steroid users? (53:59)
  • Has Josh secretly started his new PC? (56:31)
  • Who is your darkhorse NBA MVP this year? (1:17:51)
  • The NBA season is about to start. Is this historically a good or bad time to buy cards? (1:19:31)
  • Are jersey-numbered parallels of iconics items a true premium? (1:22:19)
  • Discuss the Memory Lane auction that is ending tonight. (1:25:21)
  • Who should really win the hobby influencer of the year award? (1:26:33)
  • Discussion on retracing of autographs. (1:29:32)
  • What are your collecting end games? (1:36:18)
  • Please discuss set registries and their effect on the graded card market. (1:39:03)
  • What will the next National look like? (1:41:31)
  • Are signed vintage and rookie cards underrated? (1:43:05)
  • How do you distinguish between trade value and selling value? (1:47:28)
  • If LeBron does NOT take over the scoring record, will it effect LeBron or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s market? (1:48:50)
  • Do you think we’ll ever have a Scooby-Doo-like reveal for the person behind Card Porn? (1:50:26)