The 2023-24 Bowman U Sleeper NBA Prospect In The Hobby

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Jan 28, 20242 min read

The 2023 Bowman University Chrome Draft was built on the hype of Bronny James (USC), Rob Dillingham (UK), Matas Buzelis (G-League), DJ Wagner (cover athlete, UK), and Isaiah Collier (USC). However, all 3 prospects have been extremely underwhelming through their collegiate/amateur careers. and Yahoo Sports 2024 mock draft's most notably now have Bronny James going undrafted but most notably Colorado freshman Cody Williams #1 overall. Cody Williams despite being ranked as the #1 prospect has not received any hobby hype. The 6'8" forward resembles a more pro-ready Brandon Ingram, averaging 15 points on 58% FG and 52% from three.

Bronny is now projected undrafted, Buzelis G-League struggles have made him go from consensus #1 too mid lottery, DJ Wagner is now a late first/early second, Collier went from top pick to mid first along with Rob Dillingham.

Of the 5 players, Bronny is priced much higher due to his notoriety and hype which is understandable for now. However Cody's prices are on par with players who are not projected anywhere near his ranking in the draft. This is not investment advice for you, saying to buy Cody but merely an observation. It seems the players who sell high in this product are all the big names people had heard about but have not kept up with.