Strong Showing for Lower End LeBron James Autographs on eBay 2/20/23

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Feb 23, 20234 min read

While browsing eBay a few days ago, I came across a large number of LeBron James NBA licensed autographs ending on auction. These were not your typical LeBron autos but rather unique ones that tend to be considered lower end. Regardless of approximated value tiering, a lot of these cards still do not pop up very often. While the higher end Exquisite autos tend to grab most of the attention with record high sales or record percentage lost in a year. These lower to middle end autographs, I would argue can give you a better feel for LeBron's autograph market than the 6-7 figure ones.

It is worth noting a few things before we continue:
1. This artcile is not with in any form of partnership with Probstein
2. Probstein is not aware of this article being written
3. Historically eBay and Probstein have an issue with people shilling items, so I cannot guarantee all items are being paid for

2006-07 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Auto SP BGS 9/10: $2,749

Sweet Shot was a relatively lower end product for its active tenure in the hobby. This card features an interesting concept in which you do not see Panini do, which features the autograph on a piece of basketball.

2004-05 Ultimate Achievements Auto /43 BGS 8.5: $4,138

This set has stood the test of time, it was extremely popular upon release and it is extremely popular to this day. A unique set, with the achievement being the players career high with that card being numbered to said players career high. An extremely strong sale of $4138, with its previous sale being an 8.5 with an autograph 10 of $4200 in March of 2022. Despite the market dip since then, the 8.5/9 just sold for what an 8.5/10 did in March of '22.

2004 All-Star Lineup Signature Class LeBron James BGS 8.5/10: $4,050

This card is a perfect example of a lower end extremely rare card, as a copy has not sold since March of 2018. This is another great reason to use and have Card Ladder Pro, in which you can see all-time sales history. It seems that rare second year LeBron autos are on the rise as there was a major gap between his rookies.

2008 Radiance Signature Flight Raw: $2,851

This is probably the most surprising sale as there are not many things going for this card. Radiance was a one off released product in which got swept under the rug and relatively forgotten. The price tag on this was shocking as theres clear edge and corner wear with a streaky autograph. The action shot in the iconic alternative jersey is a nice touch, but for his second to last year of licensed autos, this is a strong sale.

2005 Upper Deck Ultimate Auto: $3,000

This card has not sold since March of '22 and when it did, it was a BGS 9.5/10. This raw can be safely assumed a 8 with a 9 autograph at best, this continues the trend of continuous strong sales for early LeBron autos

2007-08 Upper Deck UD Premier Exclusivity /25: $2,450

A BGS 8.5/9 of this card sold back in June of 2022 for $2160. Despite the market dipping quite notable since then, this card has actually gone up. Premier is another product that has aged like fine wine and people are willing to overlook horrid condition. As you can see, the edges are chewed to hell on this and it does not matter.




2007-08 Premier Noteworthy /56: $2,015

The condition on this card is crap and the auto is bubbling, but does that matter? Absolutely not, as this card still fetched over $2,000 on auction. A similar copy in better condition sold for $2,025 last year in October, which shows a steady market.

2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Signature BGS 9/10: $4,663

The last sale of this card was in October as a PSA 8 for $3650, and considering the edges and corners on this are horrid. Its safe to assume this would be equivalent to a PSA 8, however it is not. This set has actually been collected by set collectors and a few lucky folk own the entire set. This beautiful bold blue autograph goes well with its action shot and silver foil. The contrast with the smokey black background bodes well for the overall scheme.

2004 SPx Winning Materials /100 PSA Auth - 10 Auto: $3,494

2007-08 UD Premier Remnants /50 BGS 8.5/10: $3,275

A unique card from a fan favorite product, not only is this game used but the patch window pays homage to his home state. This card also unique for the fact it has blue foiling down the serial numbering.