Poole Party in DC

Card Ladder
Oct 24, 20231 min read

Jordan Poole was the punching bag last season in Golden State literally and metaphorically. Now Poole went from 6th man to face of the franchise, albeit a horrible franchise BUT he is still the best player on 1 of 30 teams in the league.

Poole is now set up to have a historical stat padding season, one that would make Monte Ellis jealous. The current construction of the Wizards is for Poole and Kuzma to jack up as many shots as possible. Poole even more than Kuzma due to the playmaking and ball handling disparity.

Tyus Jones is one of the few true pure point guards in the league, with another non scoring backup in Delon Wright. Bilal is the Wizards top pick from France who can best be described offensively as a work in progress... with an ultra-athletic build. Kyle Kuzma is someone we all know as a shot chucker and can occasionally create off the dribble. Gafford is a traditional center who does not command the ball and will catch the occasional alley-oop. The young backup wing duo of Kispert and Deni are extremely passive and are not offensively aggressive.