Off Season Markets In Review: 2020 Quarterbacks Win Big

Card Ladder
Sep 11, 20232 min read

With week one of the NFL season upon us today, we can see the winners and losers of the sports card market this off-season. One thing was clear that over the last six months, 2020 quarterbacks reigned supreme. Reigning NFC champion Jalen Hurts saw dramatic market growth, along with other proven commodities Justin Herbert and Joe Burrow. However, yet to play Jordan Love also saw boom 2020-esque growth.

Most people want the best and as a result people buy the best, some buy Desmond Ridder so just ignore them. Burrow and Herbert are two of the most electric young quarterbacks in the league with several weapons around them. Chargers will finally look to get over the hump will Kellen Moore at offensive cordinator.

Jalen Hurts had his breakout season last year in his second season as the full time starter. He went 14-1 as the starter and took the Eagles to the Super Bowl. As a result, the Hurts market went up steadily then shot up as football season was right around the corner.

Jordan Love is the unknown first round commodity of the 2020 NFL draft, however people loved the potential he has. As a result of this, his market went up a whopping 139% in 6 months. Extremely rare to see that growth in todays market for an entire index and not just an individual card. With a relatively easy Bears week 1 matchup, he has the abilitiy to have a monstrous game.