New Feature: In Depth Population Reports

Card Ladder
Dec 31, 20222 min read

We have partnered with GemRate to bring a full in-depth population report for all Card Ladder verified cards. Prior to this new feature, when looking at a cards profile, you could only see the pop report for that specific graded card. This new feature changes the game and gives you an in depth view of population across PSA, Beckett, SGC and CSG. In addition to this, it will show you the gem rate and total number of gems. The population growth feature is now located on this page at the very bottom

Next to "Pop" you will see an icon that looks like an open book, in order to access our new feature, click on this.

Above is what our new in depth population report feature looks like, everything is fairly straight forward and to the point to help you, the collector! For the 2003 Topps Chrome LeBron James base, we can see useful information such as the total population, total gems, gem rate, and showing you the last time it was updated. For a more in depth breakdown by grading company, it shows you PSA, Beckett, SGC and CSG. If you want to see how much the card sells for, simply click on the grade you want to see and it will direct you to that cards profile.

This update is live on the PRO website and both iOS and Android mobile apps.