Market Trend: 1996 Topps Chrome Refractors PSA 10

Card Ladder
May 30, 20222 min read

In a time when many are panicking about the market collapsing in their eyes, being able to identify a positive market trend in a presumed down market can do wonders for your hobby experience. We saw a run up with 1996 Topps cards before specifically Kobe and while of course the Kobe is nowhere near its all time high but what about the other iconic players from the 1996 draft?

Steve Nash

In the last 12 months the Nash went from $8,988 to $19,200, an absolutely phenomenal 113% growth. In comparison the high end market is only up 30% over the last year.

Allen Iverson

The Answer has answered the calls for his investors over the last year owning this blue chip rookie card. With 50% growth is near doubles the high end index and is a great sign that the Iverson market is alive and well.

Ray Allen:

Jesus Shuttlesworth recent sale of $69,000 has turned some heads and rightfully so! In a perceived down market a Ray Allen card selling for $69,000 shows that people are still willing to spend big money of mid tier legends.

The night of the Nash, Iverson, and Allen sales, we also saw the sales of several low pop PSA 10 chrome refractors across multiple platforms. Whether this be one person or several it is unknown but these are the first sales on some for the first time in a decade. Assuming it is someone going for the set and or investing, the 1996 Chrome refractor PSA 10 market has been trending upward outside of the Kobe in the last 2 weeks. It will be interesting to see how frequent sales of these cards occur over the next few weeks as this could be a fad.