Luka Finally Gets Help But Can He Rely On It?

Card Ladder
Feb 15, 20232 min read

Throughout Luka Doncic NBA career, he has yet to have a second option that was a proven all-star in which would take some of the workload off him. The Mavericks have made a few attempts at doing this, which ultimately fell flat on its face. Most notably with the Porzingis trade, which was an utter failure. Injuries turned the once dominant New York Unicorn into an injury prone timid spot up shooter in Dallas. The surprising emergence of Jalen Brunson arrived in the playoffs in which Brunson single handedly ended the Gobert and Mitchell era in Dallas. Brunson averaged 28 in the first round with 41 points in game two alone, ultimately walking in free agency.

This season was relatively a disaster when it came to Luka's supporting cast and this mural was even put up in downtown Dallas.

With Cuban feeling the pressure and not wanting Luka to leave, he had to make a move. Kyrie Irving demanded a trade and Cuban made a move for Luka to finally play alongside a proven all-star. While Kyrie's tenure since leaving LeBron has been riddled with controversies big and small. The one thing you cannot question is his talent and ability to create offense.

Averaging 27 points on the season and shooting an a high percentage for a guard, Kyrie could offer the Mavericks the instant offense and championship experience they need. Unfortunately the question arises can Kyrie be relied upon to play over the next four seasons? Kyrie played just 20, 54, 29, and 40 games in his four seasons as a member of the Nets. This blog is going to keep opinions and who is right or wrong out of it. In the last 2 seasons, Kyrie missed an extended period of time due a New York vaccine mandate, missed a game for his sisters birthday, and tweeting an Amazon link which had a video that contained anti-semitic rhetoric. In a contract year and one where Kyrie wants a max extension. Doubts surrounding if Cuban is willing to pay it for someone as unpredictable as Kyrie are real and understandable. For the season being, we can at least hope he can be relied upon for the end of season and playoffs.