Will The LeBron Autograph Market Garnett & Barkley?

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Jan 15, 20242 min read

LeBron James is the biggest name in all of modern basketball and it's not really debatable either. While many things surrounding LeBron's 20 year Upper Deck departure for Fanatics are unclear. We know for a fact that it is an exclusive partnership and autographs will be in products as soon as the end of the month.

LeBron James signs Fanatics deal, leaves Upper Deck

However it is a well known fact LeBron James is not a fan of signing autographs, for fans or for companies. It doesn't matter he just does not like signing period. Without the license, he will not have NBA autographs meaning the hiatus since 2009 will continue. It also appears his only card in Bowman Chrome will be the dual autograph which there is only one of.

However, collectors of LeBron James autographs are still worried about the mass production ruining his prices. However there are many differences between past and future LeBron autographs.

  1. Upper Deck is not producing these, for the last 20 years the only authentic autographs of LeBron were produced by Upper Deck. 2003-2009 NBA and 2003-2015 high school licensed, with 2015-2022 being unlicensed.
  • Currently Upper Deck is bastardizing old sets by putting them in almost every Hockey product. We won't see any "retro" Exquisite LeBron or any other Upper Deck products being re-hashed. All Topps products will be seeing their first LeBron autographs.
  • Topps products like Triple Threads, Dynasty, and Definitive will offer new products for LeBron.
  1. Unclear how often and limited his autographs will be for Topps
  • LeBron autographs could be very similar to Kawhi Leonard for Panini. He is in a handful of products a year with a low print run.
  • Garnett and Barkley went from having 0 autographs to being in every product with high quantity numbers. Multiple sets from the best to flux, numbered as high as 249.