Lamar Jackson is the MVP favorite but not a hobby favorite.

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Jan 1, 20241 min read

Lamar Jackson just likely nailed the last nail in the coffin for the mvp race after obliterating the Dolphins in a 5 touchdown day. This came after the Ravens defense embarrassed Brock Purdy with the Ravens offense taking full advantage of short field scenarios. In back to back weeks, the Ravens not only beat the #1 NFC team and #2 AFC team, they thrashed them.

However looking at Lamar's market over the last 6 months it is down overall. Many would consider this very surprising, all things considered. Jared Goff is up over 100% in the last 6 months and players such as Tua, Dak, and Purdy are up 10%+.

Most NFL MVPs: Manning, Rodgers and Mahomes Dominate

Lamar would be joining elite, all time greats if he does in fact win his second MVP. Which is why it is relatively surprising the 1% market growth in the last month.