Knicks Advance, BING BONG

Card Ladder
May 1, 20231 min read

THE NEW YORK KNICKS ARE ADVANCING IN THE NBA PLAYOFFS FOR THE FIRST TIME SINCE 2013! Despite Julius Randle playing like Knicks legend Andrea Bargnani before getting hurt, they put away the Cavaliers easily in 5 games. It was not a pretty series with both teams struggling to score against each other's elite defensive strategies.

While Brunson led the Knicks to a victory/upset over the #4 seed Cavaliers, the shooting splits were not pretty. However when it mattered most, the Knicks players came up big hitting big shots.

As a result, you have the Knicks players seeing notable market gains over the last 2 weeks (CL Index). The Knicks are going to be home court favorites when facing the Miami Heat in the second round. Another big series could blow the top off Knicks players markets with it being their first Conference Finals appearance in 4 decades.