Coach Sanders Cards on the Upswing

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Sep 26, 20232 min read

Invest in... coach cards??? We often hear about the next this or that you should invest in often times ending in colossal failure. However people who had the foresight to buy Deion Sanders cards over the last year are currently very happy. Deion Sanders is the greatest two sport athlete of all time, almost every list you find puts him as the G.O.A.T. NFL cornerback. While also adding a decade long MLB career as a starting outfielder on World Series contending teams.

Deion Sanders started his collegiate coaching career at Jackson State in 2020, which ultimately was a shortened season ended by COVID-19. Jackson State prior to Deion from 2014-2019 was an absolute disaster. The most wins they had was 5 in a season with 165 points scored. In Deion's two full seasons, he went 23-3 with Jackson State's only two playoff appearances.

A similar situation was going on in Colorado, a school who won just one game the year prior to Deion's arrival... As you can see below, Colorado had been abysmal with no real hope of becoming relevant let alone this relevant.

Deion had transformed Colorado from an irrelevant laughing stoock school too one of if not the most popular colleges in the nation. Not only did College Gameday stop their week 3, celebraties (For better or worse) are flocking to Boulder. The Rock, Lil Wayne, and strangely enough Kawhi Leonard have all made appearances.

In the last month alone Deion's card market is up 58% all stemming from his name being everywhere in college football. Up over 80% in the last year, Deion is an extremely polarizing figure who also happens to be great at his job.