Is Wembanyama License Proof? Or a Short Term Success?

Card Ladder
Jul 4, 20231 min read

Over the last decade plus with the Panini exclusive, we have seen two rookie of the years sign exclusive deals with non-licensed companies. Damian Lillard with Leaf in 2012 and Ben Simmons with Upper Deck in 2016.

Simmons rookie autographs were going for well over a thousand dollarss from 2016-2018. Him missing his rookie season almost helped his market as it mistified the LeBron compared prospect after flashes in summer league. While Lillards prices were not nearly as high, it still was $100-350 for a Leaf autograph of his.

Victor has 3 autographs currently in products, and his autographs are selling like hot cakes. Bowman Chrome U base autograph redemptions are going for over $4,000. Inception redemption base autos, which feature his first ever autograph are going for just around $4,000. Most recent and only live product autograph is around $1300 in Bowmans Best.

What do you think? Is Victor license proof?