How Have Deep Playoff Runs Affected Four Stars Markets?

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May 27, 20223 min read

Performance is not everything when it comes to sports cards but with the playoffs starting a little over a month ago. How have the markets changed for four star players who have played exceptionally well during the playoffs? Making the conference finals is far from easily, just look at how many times Giannis has made it out of the second round. In this article, we will be taking a look at notable players who made the conference finals and how affected their markets.

Luka Doncic:

The clear face and front runner of the youth movement sweeping the NBA. Very rare can you proclaim a player to be the best under 25 years old and have an overwhelming majority of the people agree with you. With Luka you can do that which just goes to show how insanely talented he is. These were the first playoffs where the Mavericks won a series since their 2010-11 title run, so you would expect Luka's prices would go up right?

Well seemingly Luka's overall market across 684 cards tracked in the last month has seen a -4% decrease. This will likely come as a surprise to many due to the fact the Mavericks beat the Jazz as underdogs and has one of the most jaw dropping master classes vs the Suns in game 7. Now with an uphill battle vs the Warriors expect the rare, numbered, and autographed stuff to stay hot while base maybe not so much.

Jimmy Butler

A feel good NBA story from underdog to two conference finals appearances in three years! Butler is an anomoly for several reasons but the main being he one plays defense but mainly two he is someone who actively avoids shooting threes. Despite playing on the perimeter more often than not, Butler loves driving or taking a 1 dribble pull up from mid range.

As a result of embarrassing Trae Young and James Harden, Jimmy Butler's dominant performances have propelled him into a widely respected playoff perfomer. As a result his market has seen a significant bounce of 23%+ which is pretty amazing considering the market today. Despite not having a single 40 point game this season, he has had three in these playoffs in three separate rounds. With Miami down 3-2, expect Butler's market to level out and or cool down.

Jayson Tatum

East coast Doncic... Okay thats an exaggeration but it is pretty amazing that of the four teams left they are being led by players under 24 years old. While he has had his low points at certain points during this postseason, it has also came with as many if not more high points. A pivotal 46 point game in game 6 of the NBA semi-finals vs Milwaukee. In sixteen playoff games, nine have included 29+ point performances Tatum.

As a result the 24 year old stars market has seen a significant 15.66% gain over the last month. While many of the top guys under 25 years old markets are down, Tatum is not only up but up relatively big. Is it 2020 gains with 50%+ in one month? No but gains around the 15% range is healthy and something we should possibly be getting used to.

Stephen Curry

What more can you say about the first ever unanimous MVP at this point? Likely to make his sixth finals appearance tonight, he is slowly creeping up on not only the all time rankings but the all time point guard list.

In the last month he is actually DOWN 7 percent but that can be attributed to he is in a special place where his career is title or bust at this point. A unique position to be in where unlike Tatum and Butler's markets being satisfied with a deep run, Curry needs his fourth ring.