How Does Mahomes Second Ring Bolster His Legacy?

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Feb 21, 20232 min read

People said it couldn't be done, heck people even said he couldn't make the playoffs without Tyreek Hill (Looking at you Bart Scott). Yet against the all odds, including the Vegas ones, Mahomes walks away from the 2022 season with an MVP, Super Bowl, and Super Bowl MVP. With Mahomes just 27 years old, the question starts to arise of where does he rank all time? Is he already a top 5-10 quarterback all time?

  • Mahomes has 2 Super Bowls at the age of 27, which makes him just 1 of 5 quarterbacks to ever achieve this. The others being Big Ben, Brady, Bradshaw, and Aikman
  • Mahomes is currently the only quarterback in the NFL with multiple Super Bowl wins as the starting quarterback (Jimmy G has 2 as a backup)
  • Mahomes is 1 of 8 quarterbacks to have multiple league MVP's in the last 53 years. (Rodgers, Brady, Warner, Manning, Favre, Young, Montana)
  • Mahomes is 10th all-time in playoff passing yards and 1888 away from 3rd
  • Mahomes ranks #1 in NFL Passer Rating Career Leaders
  • Mahomes ranks 8th in post season TD and is 10 away from 2nd place
  • Mahomes is on pace to become top 10 in all-time passing yards in 6 years
Patrick Mahomes Ranks Top 5 NFL Quarterbacks Ever - Pro Sports Outlook

Pro Sports Outlook has Mahomes as a top 5 quarterback all time, in large part due to these accolades. While these are just a handful of the accolades and achievements Mahomes has at just 27 years old. Assuming he does not have a catastrophic injury, it is clear he will be behind Brady in almost every statistical category. What makes it tough for beating Brady, is the fact Brady played until he was 45 years old... The playoff touchdown record is an example of this, as Brady is 43 TD ahead of second. All the while 2-5 are seperated by just 5 touchdowns. Mahomes getting his second Super Bowl allows him to basically play with house money the rest of his career. I understand the counter point to this as he could end up in Big Ben territory, who did all his winning years 1-5 in the post season. I would argue Mahomes is different as Big Ben was never as dominate and actually was pretty bad his first few years in the league.