Card Ladder
Jul 24, 20233 min read

Sales History

This is pretty simple and to the point but can help immensely, as we all know eBay sold listings only go back 3 months. With a Card Ladder with a pro membership, you get access to sales all the way back to 2000 of every card.

If you want to see the oldest sales or newest sales and everything in between you can with the sales history feature.

For cards on the Ladder you can have a more professional data driven view of cards history all time. Both tools are great to have at your disposal while at the National or any show for that matter. Whether you are a collector or investor, being able to cite accurate reference points for sales spanning over 18 years is a tool no one else outside of Card Ladder members have.

Pop Report Tracking

It is no secret that for most cards and shows in general, you will be paying at or over eBay in many such cases. A prior blog shows how with extremely high pop reports come a drop off in price. With PSA working full steam ahead across the board on returning overdue orders, the pop report has been soaring for a plethora of common base cards over the last 12 months. This feature allows you to see before buying what has exploded in population and what has not. Rarity in today’s market is key, with GaryV after doing “a lot of homework” finding that LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan dual or triple autos being extremely rare.

Collection Tracking

A great way to keep track of what you bought and how much you paid for cards is the Card Ladder collection tool. The card DOES NOT have to be in the database for it to be in a collection. You can simply take a picture of the card and add the price you paid. We also have a notes option on every card, so if you make a trade and or partial cash and card you can write down the specifics in the notes. If you then sell the card, there is also a feature to mark it as sold with the price sold.

For all PSA graded cards all you have to do is literally just type in the PSA certification for all the information to be auto filled.