Quarterbacks Markets After Career Ending Injuries

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Nov 20, 20232 min read

This season has been awful in regards to players health, specifically the quarterback position more than any years prior. Anthony Richardson, Joe Burrow, Deshaun Watson, Kirk Cousins, and Daniel Jones all suffered season ending injuries in the last month. These were huge losses for the NFL as all but Richardson had Super Bowl aspirations and many viewed as at the least playoff teams. Other quarterbacks have also suffered injuries causing them to miss weeks including; Ryan Tannehill (ankle), Jimmy Garoppolo (concussion, back), Justin Fields (thumb), Bryce Young (ankle), Derek Carr (shoulder, concussion), Matthew Stafford (thumb), Geno Smith (knee).

Daniel Jones was behind an offensive line that couldn't and wouldn't protect their first born or mother. Jones tore his ACL November 8th and as a result you can see his market nose dive in the following weeks.

After hurting his hand in last weeks Thursday night bout' Burrow was announced out for the season Friday morning. As a result, you can see his market nose dive the following day with him being done for the season.

Deshaun Watson was coming off arguably his best game since being a Brown with a masterful 4th quarter comeback vs the division rival Bengals. However it was revealed mid week that he was out for the year with a broken bone in his shoulder.

While there's not enough cards to look at his index, we can look at his main rookie PSA 10 and see the drop off is real. Very unfortunate as it looked like he was becoming a fan favorite after the Netflix documentary.