High Pop Index Sees Growth

Card Ladder
Aug 15, 20231 min read

Let's not jump the gun here, the title is accurate but no need to pull out those PSA graded Kyle Guy and Drew Lock base Donruss rookies out of a box. High pop cards are trending upwards for a full month for the first time in almost a year. The Card Ladder high pop index is comprised of all the cards in our data base with a pop over 200 is rising.

With the index amassing over 6,838 cards, the index has had a 1.82% rate of growth over the last month. While this does not mean the market is back to 2020/21 because it certainly is not, however it shows that things are not all doom. While the high pop cards are  still not stable, it is a positive sign that there not only has been growth but stability at the bare minimum.