Let D-Lo Cook! Rise of D'Angelo Russell's market

Card Ladder
Mar 28, 2024ā€¢1 min read

The Lakers had been missing a third option that can score since the 2020 bubble run. Many have tried to fill the void and many have fallen short with Austin Reaves coming the closest but ultimately just not being that guy. D'Angelo Russell was in trade rumors every which way you turned and was almost a lock to be dealt at the deadline.

Russell is no stranger to being traded; being traded from the Lakers to Brooklyn in 2017, again in 2019 being traded to the Warriors which only lasted until mid-season he was traded to the Timberwolves and back to Los Angeles in 2023. As a long time vet, he handled the rumors with class and understanding.

He turned it up a notch with his play and averaged 22.5 points per game shooting 47% from three (1/17 to 3/8). With his stellar play, the Lakers were practically forced not to trade him. With his great play, his market went up over the last month.