Coby White... is back?

Card Ladder
Dec 22, 20232 min read

Coby White is almost hobby infamous just like everyone from the 2019 draft class it seems. The 2019 grading base boom, lead to everyone grading base cards of any and all players drafted in the first round or had shown the slightest bit of potential. Coby White was a top pick from the famed North Carolina, marketed as a flashy scorer, so of course people flocked over him.

His Prizm Silver PSA 10 is down over 92% in the last 3 years alone.

Coby still just 23 years old, this year however is taking advantage of Lavine being absent. Averaging 17.5/4/5 it finally seems like Coby might be a noteworthy NBA player that will have a solid career at minimum.

In the month of December, Coby is having a career best run. 7-3 winning games but also being the reason they are winning. Averaging 25 ppg on 50%, while a short sample size, he is putting up all-star-esque numbers. 25/7/6 is impressive, while its yet to be seen if he can keep it up. Coby has been balling and as a result his market is up big.