Card Ladder's Players of the Week

Card Ladder
Nov 29, 20213 min read

Card Ladder’s player of the week will be a new weekly blog post which showcases some of  the top players in the NBA the prior week. When selecting players we look at several statistics including; record, points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks per game. Although the players' weekly market change will not be a factor in selecting players, we will be looking at how their play impacted it.

Note: If you do not see a player you think should have made it, they might have been featured on the prior week's blog!

LeBron James:

Record: 2-1

Stats Per Game:

Points: 34

Field Goal %: 47%

Rebounds: 9

Assists: 6

Blocks: 1

Steals: 1

Questions surrounded LeBron James’ future if he could still be the superstar he has been the last 18 years. While Davis and Westbrook struggled with James out, it was clear this was still LeBron’s team. Westbrook has seemed to get his act together over the last 6 or so games playing like the regular season Westbrook we all know. Anthony Davis on the other hand is still lost on the court shooting career lows across the board. LeBron’s stellar week earned him player of the week as he is showing age is just a number if you spend $3,000,000 on your body annually

LeBron’s market is not at its all time high from Spring but it is pretty close, up this quarter by over 8%. While his base cards are down a significant amount, specifically his Topps Chrome rookie, it is important to distinguish the difference in sought after rare LeBron cards and common base. LeBron James numbered rookies, patches, autographs, and things of that nature are seeing all time highs. With lots of uncertainty in the modern market with highly invested prospects like Michael Porter Jr, Kevin Porter Jr, and Nickeil Alexander Walker looking like bust, it's safe to assume people will look to invest in sure things.

Trae Young:

Record: 3-1

Stats Per Game:

Points: 31

Field Goal %: 56%

Rebounds: 4

Assists: 9

Blocks: 0

Steals: 1

Trae Young has been putting up monster stats all season long while the Hawks struggled to win games. Last season the Hawks were a non playoff team before winning over 70% of their games after March of 2020. After their insane playoff run the Hawks finally had high expectations this season which was something new for Trae. 18 games into the season the Hawks were an 11 seed unfortunately looking like the Hawks of old.

Trae Young’s market was one of the most manipulated we have seen in recent history by shady figures in the hobby. Despite that in 2020, his market has recovered and it has rare cards seeing all time highs. It is still unclear what type of guard Trae will be with him being all over the place at times. An uphill battle in the Atlanta market is one thing but being an undersized passing guard is another. All time players like Chris Paul struggle to sell despite still playing at an elite level while winning.

Devin Booker

Record: 3-0

Points: 30

Field Goal %: 53%

Rebounds: 2

Assists: 4

The Suns are red hot on a 15 game win streak in large part due to their 2 star players playing like star players. Devin Booker showed that not only he could score but also win last year which was a question surrounding him the last 4 years. Coming off a Finals appearance and now the best team in the NBA by far (record wise), it is clear Booker has the potential to elevate to superstardom.

Looking at his market, things are still down from last year's playoffs but still up from before the playoff run started. The basketball market to many's surprise has not picked up yet like the likes of football leading up to week 1. As the Suns continue to win and the basketball season gets closer and closer to the playoffs, we should expect the contending teams markets to heat up.