Caitlin Clark, Bigger Than Her Own Sport

Card Ladder
Feb 12, 2024ā€¢1 min read

Caitlin Clark has become a transcendent talent for college sports, she is by far the biggest draw for all of college sports. Arguably the biggest since Zion in 2018 at Duke and easily the biggest box office women's collegiate athlete. She would be a unanimous #1 pick and is on pace to beat the all-time scoring record this Thursday vs Michigan.

Today Nebraskan's lined up for over 12 blocks to watch her play their unranked Nebraska Cornhusker's. It was a sold-out 15,500 crowd and Clark scored 31 points.

In the new 2023 Bowman U, her base auto last sold for $355. This is not even her Bowman 1st (2022). For reference the next highest selling players base auto from this product is LeBron James Jr. selling around $150.

Her 2022 Bowman 1st Superfractor Auto PSA 10/10 recently sold for $78,000 smashing the record for highest women's basketball card sales previously of $11,500.

What's even more impressive is in 2023, base cards are booming for Clark. This Bowman 1st base PSA 10 sells for $199 now and just 1 month ago it was $93.