Anfernee Simoms, A Certified Bucket

Card Ladder
Dec 17, 20231 min read

Anfernee Simoms ever since coming into the league has been one of those guys people have clamored about offensively. He was just 18 coming into the league and rightfully so did not play much. It did not help he was behind a generational short guard scoring duo in CJ and Lillard for years. Simons has always been dragged into the Lillard drama, as he was seen as the ultimate replacement for him. The 6'3" guard has a 6'9" wingspan allows him to play a lot bigger than his frame.

Injuries have been a bit of a concern missing 2+ weeks this season already and just playing 57 and 62 games the prior season. However, not much emphasis has been put on urgent returns for a tanking team. Averaging 21 and 17 points over the last two seasons, many would point towards stat padding. If that is the case then couldn't that same logic be applied to Lillard? Simons also is efficient with a 22 PER and over 60% true shooting. He is also the only Blazer with a positive +/- over four, no one else is even over 1 (Brogdon).

As a result of Simons giving the best and most popular teams efficient buckets, his market is up big in the last month but specifically week.